With more than 170 products competing to be selected in the Innovation Tree, the next edition of the MakeUp in Paris trade show looks very promising.

The Innovation Tree is a selection of the best innovations received for each ‘MakeUp in’ show. A committee of internationally recognized experts elect those that may change the way make-up and skincare products will look tomorrow. The awarded products are displayed on a tree placed at the very heart of the show, each product being labelled with the name of the company presenting it and the stand where to find it.



Since the launch of this competition in 2015, we never had such a profusion of new products,” said the organisers of the event.

A total of 78 companies applied for the competition with one or more products:

ACT Beauty, Aircos, Albéa, Alkos Group, Ancorotti Cosmetics, APR Packaging, APS, BASF Colors & Effects, Beauty Yaurient, Beautycromia, Bell Pphu, Brivaplast, Bullier Pinceaux Leonard, Byjin, Calypso Marketing, Capardoni, Chromavis, CIT, Coreapuff Manufacturing, Cosmei, Cosmogen, Creapharm, Daito Kasei, Essentia Beauty, Ethruska, Faber-Castell Cosmetics, Geka, Geotech, GNCP, Grafiche IMP, HCP-Rusi, HNB Corporation, Italcosmetici, IL Cosmetics, IMEI, Ingretech, Intercosmetic Asia Pacific, ITIT Cosmetics, Jia Hsing, Knoll Prestige Packaging, Kuncai Europe, Lessonia, Merck, Mktg Industry, N&K Cosmetics, Necos, Nippon Shikizai Group, Passage Cosmetics Laboratory, Pennelli Faro, Pharmacos, Pink Frogs Cosmetics, PVL Beaute, Qualiform, Qualipac, R&D Color, Reboul, Red Of View, S&J International, Sambound New Material, Scanavo, Schwan Cosmetics, Seppic, Stearinerie Dubois, Step Cosmetici, Strand Cosmetics, Sun Chemical - Maprecos, Taiki, Tairjiuh, Texen, Thai Ho Group, Timesource, Toly, Tonnie Cosmetics, Top Beauty, Total Partners, Tre Effe, Virospack, World Sponge Manufacturing Co. Ltd

In total, the selection committee experts [1] evaluated 21 accessories, 68 formulation products, 38 full service products and 48 packaging solutions.

MakeUp in Paris
June 20th & 21st, 2019
Carrousel du Louvre
99 rue de Rivoli
75001 Paris

10h - 18h