In the wake of the innovative range of applicators Beautifull Lips, which was presented last year, Texen is focusing on the skincare category with the launch of Beautifull Skin, a stock jar, and a cap associated with a Mucell-made applicator.

Attached to the cap, the applicator can be easily gripped for applying the cream on the skin and enhance the efficacy of skin care active ingredients. Easy to reposition on the cap, the applicator can be cleaned after each use to another. According to Texen, the Mucell injection can be decorated according to the theme chosen by the brand. Furthermore, as the applicator can be separated from the cap, the whole product is easier to recycle.

Recycled caps

Also with the aim to provide more sustainable solutions to its customers, Texen presented a series of 100% R-PP (recycled polypropylene) caps. Provided in black or white, the caps are a sustainable version of the company’s best selling stock items. In order to avoid any contact with the formula (since R-PP is not food grade), the caps features a PE seal (therefore compatible with the PE-PP recycling process).

More sustainable mascaras

During PCD, Texen also presented ‘We R Mascara’ a range of eco-designed mascara prototypes. The company used an eco-design software with the aim to offer real progress on most sustainability indicators compared to a classic mascara, while keeping aesthetic features at a high level and preserving standard technical requirements. The mascara bottles are made of R-PET (and are therefore rather suitable for waterproof formulas), while the brushes, supplied by Ponzini, feature 100% bio-based fibres (derived from castor oil).

Eventually, Texen also showcased a 50 ml SAN-free refillable jar, with a PP insert and a transparent PETG outer packaging, as well as a lipstick with a glue and lubricant-free patented mechanism that can be covered with a tube in recycled plastic.