The Pochet Group has entered in exclusive negotiation with the PSB Industries group to sell their plastics and metal division (Qualipac and Priminter).

The integration of Qualipac and Priminter into the Luxury and Beauty division (Texen) of PSB Industries would create a global leader in the transformation of plastics and metals for the perfumes and cosmetics markets. The aim is to strengthen PSB Industries’s luxury and beauty business through the acquisition of new customers. The group would also reach the critical size required to meet new challenges related to the transformation of the market, in particular for new investments related to environmental issues and technical innovation.

Qualipac's expertise in the transformation and decoration of plastics and...

Qualipac’s expertise in the transformation and decoration of plastics and metals for the perfume and cosmetics markets is internationally renowned (Photo: courtesy of Qualipac)

Qualipac generated around 239 million euros of sales in 2019 and employs more than 2,300 people around the world. The group’s expertise in the transformation and decoration of plastics, aluminium and zamak is internationally recognized. As far as Priminter is concerned, the company’s expertise in the trading of packaging solutions, turnkey products and full-service solutions for the beauty industry is complementary to Texen’s trading divison, Texen Beauty Partners.

By selling this activity, the Pochet group is refocusing on its historic glassmaking activity. For the group, it is an opportunity to "gain more leeway" to strengthen its core business (high-end glass for the perfume industry and cosmetics) and make new investments.

Pochet and PSB Industries also announce their intention to “closely cooperate in providing multi-material solutions to their customers".