For the relaunch of the body cream from its Topialyse product range, French brand SVR has selected Albéa Tubes last breakthrough in sustainable development: single-component open-and-close system EcoFusion Top.

Combined with an extruded PE tube, this solution significantly reduces the weight of the tube while guarantying its recycling-readiness.

Plastic reduction

The new Topialyse tube is the first product on the market that combines a 350 microns PE sleeve with the EcoFusion Top solution, reducing the overall use of fossile-based plastics in the tube by more than 50% compared to standard tubes. The packaging is entirely made of PE and therefore recycling-ready within the existing HDPE bottles recycling streams.

Paul Chegri, in charge of Packaging Development at SVR states: “Our aim is to offer products that are safe for the consumers while minimizing their environmental footprint. It is therefore essential to integrate the end-of-life of packaging from the design stage. In this transition to a low-carbon economy for plastics we need solutions that go a step further.

Aude Laclaire, Sustainability Director at Albéa Tubes adds: “This new development with SVR demonstrates what a more responsible packaging means: a packaging that has a reduced environmental impact thanks to its lightweight design, and a packaging that is recycling-ready after its consumption. This achievement is in line with targets and commitments of both our companies to reduce plastic waste.

The new SVR tubes are produced in Schesslitz, Germany.