Garnier’s latest product innovation “No-Rinse Conditioner” combines Albéa’s cardboard-based tube with market-first single-component open-and-close system EcoFusion Top to protect a 98% natural origin leave on formula.

The new leave on conditioner is estimated to save up to 100 liters of water per tube and reduces the consumer’s carbon footprint in terms of both packaging and ingredients.

Our goal was to provide consumers with a completely sustainable product supporting a more sustainable lifestyle and new responsible habits” says Aurélie Weinling, Sustainability and Scientific Director Garnier. “The combination of the formula, the carboard-based packaging and the single-component open-and-close system allows us to reduce the total carbon footprint by 92% compared to a traditional 200ml conditioner.

For its part, Albéa Tubes has provided a solution to reduce the amount of plastic used in packaging.

Two-in-one solution EcoFusion Top allows more than 80% weight reduction compared to standard head+cap solutions. The system is made from HDPE to guarantee mono-materiality and recyclability. EcoFusionTop is available with various sleeve options such as bestselling Greenleaf for laminate tubes and the Thin-Wall technology for extruded tubes.