Surfing on the wave of popularity of stick products, which are increasingly being used in the facial care universe, boosted by start-ups such as Maison Dakōta, or more established brands in search of naturalness and sustainability, Hyalustick is an anti-aging serum in a solid, refillable stick format for direct use on the skin.

Refillable packaging

Thanks to its high concentration of natural hyaluronic acid, combined with a natural addition of three active anti-age ingredients it perfectly combines an immediate smoothing action with deep-acting effect on wrinkles and ageing. “Effective, natural and strong on the senses,” the Hyalustick also saves 56% of plastic thanks to its refill system, according to Superga Beauty.

This innovation is proposed in Cosmogen’s Stick ReUse, a recyclable, watertight and reloadable mono-material (PP) patented packaging. The tube can be filled from the top or from the bottom and can therefore be adapted to different industrial tools.

99% of ingredients from natural origin

The formula was developed by Global Beauty Consulting (GBC), the creative laboratory partnering with Superga Beauty.

Hyalustick meets a dual objective and is on-point with trends. Unique for a serum, it reinvents easy-use facial care, which can be applied directly, with a gentle hand massage. It meets the current challenges of eco-responsibility, with a 99% natural formulation, combined with recyclable packaging and refillable, saving on raw materials”, explains Leslie Bréau Méniger, CEO of Superga Beauty.

Hyalustick can be customized and adapted to the specific needs of beauty brands through Superga Beauty’s full-service offer.

At the Luxe Pack Monaco tradeshow, the Superga Beauty group also highlighted its full-service Upcycling offer, also in partnership with GBC, in addition to its full range of expertise - across perfumes, cosmetic and joint packaging - with an offer ranging from the manufacture of a single accessory to complete development of a finished product.