Cosmogen is making a strong comeback at Luxe Pack Monaco, after the business disruption caused by the pandemic. “During the lockdowns, we focused on preparing for the post-crisis situation, by injecting available liquidity into innovation,” explains Priscille Caucé, CEO of the company.

Addressing the emergence of solid cosmetics

The Cosmogen teams were first interested in the emergence of solid cosmetics, in particular for skincare and make-up formulas, which are increasingly developed in solid stick format. These new waterless, economical and nomadic formats appeal to young consumers.

After an in-depth study of the market needs for this type of product, Cosmogen launched Stick ReUse: a mono-material (PP), recyclable, watertight & reloadable (56% of plastic saved with each refill) patented stick, the only one to date to combine these four assets, said Cosmogen. The tube can be filled from the top or from the bottom and can therefore be adapted to the different industrial tools of the customers.

The Stick ReUse is available with two exclusive removable applicators: a brush for cleansing and complexion and a cold metal applicator for massage. Currently available in 15ml size, the ReUse Stick should soon be available in 30ml size, especially for sun sticks.

Tubes with removable applicators

Cosmogen is also completing its wide range of tubes with removable applicators with a solution dedicated to hair care.

The new Detox’n ReUse tube provides an applicator that can be screwed onto a 100 to 150 ml tube and 50 mm in diameter for applications such as shampoos, hair care and treatments, in particular scalp scrubs.

100% rPET brush

Always in search of sustainable solutions, Cosmogen presents rBRUSH, a patented mono-material makeup brush, entirely made of recycled PET, without glue.

After having reduced the number of components in its brushes, the French company also sought to increase the proportion of recycled synthetic fibres in the tuft. After several tests, it successfully reached 100%, thus opening the way to a brush entirely made of PET.

According to the LCA [1] tool used by Cosmogen to measure the impact of its sustainable innovations, this brush provides a 49% reduction in the impact on global warming.