Superga Beauty is continuing to roll out its full-service offering across all areas of the fragrance category. During this must-visit event for luxury brands, the French manufacturer presented a series of innovations focusing on natural ingredients and sensoriality.

Ecoscent+: A range of natural scented derivatives

As fundamental products in promotional perfume box sets, scented derivatives (body lotion, shower gel, aftershave, etc.) have not escaped the trend of natural products and brand specifications must now be sure to integrate this natural dimension into product formulations.

Created in partnership with GBC laboratory, an expert in natural product formulations, Superga Beauty’s new range of natural scented derivatives named EcoScent+ offers natural formulations that please all five senses, with a controlled cost, and the ability to integrate the specific ingredients of fine fragrances.

Our experts have successfully mastered the development of effective natural galenic formulations, which are extremely stable, and able to use existing scents, without any change being needed to the formula”, stated Leslie Bréau Méniger, CEO of Superga Beauty.

This all-new range of natural products — featuring a shower gel, body lotion, after-shave balm and hand cream all made with a minimum of 95% natural ingredients — is aimed at perfume brands and Indie Brands who wish to create multi-product box sets promoting their fragrances. “Thanks to our Superga EcoScent+ range, we are able to offer a 360-degree service for brans or, even further up the ladder, project funders. We welcome them with an idea to be implemented, and then are able to make a proposed style guide, design, fragrances and then create the products – formulation and packaging – matching the ideas on which we have agreed. We handle everything, all the way up to joint packaging of the box set”, continued Leslie Bréau Méniger.

Cost management continues to be a fundamental element in the development of scented derivatives, but not the only one. With Ecoscent+, we support brands in their new focus on eco-responsibility which is now so key to the perfume sector, and fulfilling our role as industrial partner with our clients”, adds Leslie Bréau Méniger.

Parfum en Eau: all the intensity of perfume, combined with the purity of water

In partnership with Grasse-headquartered perfume maker Expressions Parfumées, Superga Beauty introduced Parfum en Eau, a brand-new range of eight scents based the Aquaco patented technology, which allows to concentrate the most powerful scented essences, in water, without the need alcohol. The result is a transparent liquid, with a non-sticky texture which lasts and has an intensity comparable to that of any alcohol-based fragrance.

These alcohol-free perfume formulations boast the advantage of being allergy-free and non-milky. They are packaged in transparent non-lacquered packaging and tint-free bottles.

The technology can indeed be used for fine perfume making, and is also available in a Cosmos (natural) version. This new approach to formulation can also be used to create children and baby products, fresh water products, scented hair mists and home fragrances.