To address a growing European demand, the three suppliers are pooling their scientific, technical, and industrial expertise to provide a full-service masks’ offer. The three suppliers jointly developed range of modular and customisable solutions is based on a selection of tried and tested fabrics and formulas exclusively made in France and/or Switzerland.

Three production sites

Strand Cosmetics Europe, MS Swiss Cosmetics and Taiki Cosmetics Europe boast a packaging capacity of 10 to 12 million units per year in three sites in France, Switzerland and the Czech Republic, depending on brands’ needs.

All three sites comply with European Good Manufacturing Practice regulations. Since 2017, they have been the focus of an investment programme aimed at building industrial facilities dedicated to the filling and packaging of impregnated masks.

The facilities are designed to allow for considerable creative latitude, enabling the production of the full range of masks, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. They offer a range of options: automated cutting from reels of non-woven fabric for supports and reels of aluminium complex for sachets; folding; packaging in preformed sachets; filling; sachet sealing and printing of batch numbers, with end-of-process weight and airtightness inspections,” said Strand Cosmetics Europe in a release.

Several development options are available to the brands:

 several non-woven fabrics selected for their properties (softness, weight, impregnation, restitution and stretching capacity, etc.),
 varied designs, packaging sachets designed with opening systems adapted to specific shapes, etc.