Taiki got rid of natural fibres with a new generation of accessories.

Taiki got rid of natural fibres with a new generation of accessories.

Tropical Feeling

As for trends, the company introduced the third edition of the Taiki Beauty Lab summer box. This new version is in line with the seasonal collections presented every six months based on the main applicator trends of the year to come.

Focused on the themes of holidays, relaxation, and aquatic sensations, this 2018 edition named Tropical Feeling features the 3D Sunset Brush for professional results. Its heart made of fibres provides “perfect coverage” from the middle, while the airier external crown simultaneously offers the blurry effect needed for the final application. The tool is specially designed to meet both makeup beginners’ and artists’ expectations, according to Taiki.

The Tropical Feeling box also comprises the Sea & Sun Sponge, the latest TBS (Taiki Beauty Sponge) innovation, a sponge selectively flocked to make personalization possible (decorations or logos) with two different colours, a breast pocket of mattifying films which absorb the sebum, while preserving the skin’s hydration for an intact makeup finish, a Taiki technology exclusively developed with 3M, and, lastly, moisturizing and refreshing aquatic patches for the eye contour.

Vegan brushes

Similarly to many other market players, Taiki got rid of natural fibres with a new generation of accessories fitted with Tafre Premium, and now Tafre-G synthetic fibres. The letter G means ‘Goat Hair’ to refer to their similarity in terms of efficacy and flexibility with goat hair, very popular in cosmetics. This more ethical, but also gentler and cheaper solution than the premium version, imposes itself as an alternative in line with the Vegan trend.

New Cushion applicators

In addition, Taiki has developed three new sponge models for Cushion made of NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber), from the most natural finish to the highest coverage: the cushion TBS (Taiki Beauty Sponge), the Duo Sponge, with a thin Celbian skin for a very soft skin feel, and the Flocked Sponge, for a more covering result. By multiplying makeup result possibilities, Taiki covers all customer expectations.

Mask trends

To keep up with the boom of the skincare mask demand, Taiki devised an offering of three standard soaked masks with a moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, and illuminating action, in collaboration with Strand Cosmetics Europe for formulation and filling. The anti-aging mask is available with a stretch synthetic material to reinforce the lifting effect, the two others with biodegradable, non-woven materials made of natural cotton fibres. These three versions can be purchased as a universal or personalized product.

A new generation Airless Twist

Ultimately, Taiki showcased a redesigned version of the Airless Twist distribution system. The idea is to offer a simpler, more accurate application and easier filling. The simplified piston mechanism leaves room for a greater capacity with the same volume. It is adapted to fluid or thicker formulas.