One year after its arrival on the market and after the kick-start of its first production batches in October 2016, the new-comer continues to consolidate its assets to seduce the ultra-premium cosmetics brands. The company already operates brand-new and state-of-the-art and OTCs-compliant production facilities.

State of the art equipment

For instance, MS swiss cosmetics has "clean rooms" to produce cosmetic cares in optimal hygiene and safety conditions and in total match with the European, Asian and American regulations.

As soon as they are delivered, the raw materials are checked in a dedicated space, that is equipped with a laminar flow. A WHM (Ware House Management) system manages 6,000 pallet locations in FIFO / FEFO mode.

The whole facility has been conceived to control the flows - air, materials - and to avoid any risk of cross contamination.

Within the installations, the manufacturing rooms have the latest generation equipment according to the type of formulas to be manufactured: emulsions, lotions, etc. In particular, MS swiss cosmetics is equipped with full airless production tanks, a process that allows to ensure a better preservation of the final product as well as the highest emulsion quality, free from air bubbles.

A specific equipment is dedicated to the filling of flexible tubes, bottles and jars, airless & full-airless bottles, and the manufacturing of single use masks.

Swiss quality

MS swiss cosmetics carries out bulk production and filling services, as well as quality checks and certifications in compliance with regulatory prescriptions and customers requirements.

MS has embedded the ISO 9001, ISO 22716, OHSAS 18001-2007 standards in its Quality Management System. An integrated organoleptic and physic-chemical analysis laboratory facilitates the control operations throughout the production process. Microbiological analyses are outsourced to an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. 

The Swiss-quality of the products is also linked to the quality of the water used in the production site. “The products benefit from the exceptional location of the facility, which is dominated by the Dent de Lys, where the Veveyse-de-Châtel river takes its origin. As a major component of cosmetics care, the water that is supplied to the plant is of a very high quality level at the very outset. It is then purified by reverse osmosis system before being distributed in the clean rooms,” claims MS swiss cosmetics.

Starting in the summer of 2017, MS will run an in-house R & D laboratory. The formulas, which were previously developed by Strand Cosmetics Europe in Lyon, will be designed in the Swiss facility.

Thanks to MS swiss cosmetics production and R&D capabilities, customers can benefit from the ’Swiss made’ label, the of which requirements were made tougher at the beginning of January 2017 [1].

Besides designing, manufacturing and packaging of formulas, MS swiss cosmetics offers complementary services for the design and manufacture of rigid boxes and of co-packing. Indeed, the company benefits from its proximity with Marvinpac, whose operations of design and manufacture of rigid boxes and co-packing are historically dedicated to a prestigious brand, extends now to the whole world of luxury.

Environmental approach

Concern for quality finds its parallel in a marked concern for the environment. The building has been designed to limit its environmental footprint: the rooftop is covered by solar panels, temperature controlled via 18 geothermal probes, 80% recycled air, waste management, etc.

With this wide range of assets, MS swiss cosmetics has the ambition to become the reference of Swiss cosmetic formulation serving national and international premium cosmetics brands.