For three decades, the policy of acquiring sites, tools and skills have stepped up, making Faiveley Plast an entity with a vast level of expertise and specialist sectors in three main areas of expertise - namely industry, business and healthcare.

We wanted to mark this upskilling, ensuring that we fully express through this name-change our added value in terms of engineering and innovation in the digital and eco-responsibility domains. Our new name, FaiveleyTech perfectly summarises all of our brand names, pools together our full range of skills and gives us increased visibility to clients and partners,” explains Nicolas Alloin, CEO of FaiveleyTech.

Expansion of the group’s expertise

The new name was selected by the group’s teams, the Board of Directors and the historical family shareholder. The addition of “Tech” highlights the increasing “technological” content of the company’s products, and is also a hat-tip to “French Tech”. FaiveleyTech intends participate in the reindustrialisation of the French territory through the expansion of its expertise, in particular going further than simply transformation of raw materials, and moving towards the development of complex products.

In addition to the new name, the baseline “Manufacture d’avenir durable” attempts to mark continuity between the past and future with the company’s deep roots in tradition and its aim to create a responsible future.

New organisation

By adopting the FaiveleyTech brand name, the Group has made the choice to no longer use the old names for its sites and entities as integrated down the years. Sites will be named after the town or city where they are located: FaiveleyTech Orgelet (formerly VPI), FaiveleyTech Annecy (formerly Eudica), FaiveleyTech Bourgoin (formerly Sepal), etc.

Thus brought together under a single brand name, the group’s various activities are organized into three Business Units covering the group’s areas of expertise - namely Industry, Beauty and Health - and cross-functional services such as human resources, finance and purchasing.

Our aim is for each Business Unit to draw on the best practices of each individual, to pool together and further improve capabilities across all aspects, for collective development and emulation beneficial to us all,” explains Nicolas Alloin. “Each area of excellence exists to assist the others. The fact that we operate in three separate domains represents genuine added value, as issues and requirements are transversal. The bridges between these three sectors each represent opportunities to develop and innovate, as required by our clients,” he adds.

According to FaiveleyTech, the reorganisation into Business Units will bring greater transparency and competitivity to both partners and client entities. Each factory has its own expertise, and the clients’ projects will benefit from this pooling together. Clients will have a sole point of contact within FaiveleyTech who will offer them the opportunity of manufacturing in one or more sites with specific expertise for their projects.

FaiveleyTech Orgelet (formerly VPI) produces the connected spray cap for Paco Rabanne’s new women’s fragrance Fame

After having created an ultra-fine connected spray cap for the men’s fragrance Phantom, FaiveleyTech Orgelet (formerly Faiveley Plast Beauty, VPI) has now also designed its women’s version. The challenge was identical, namely creating a spray cap integrating an NFC chip, for refills, and an unrivalled aesthetic appeal

FaiveleyTech created and developed the spray cap for the 80 ml Fame fragrance bottle. This design also included the integration of an NFC chip within the spray cap, which is also the robot’s head, combined with project management of the entire assembly. For the overall aesthetics, the choice fell on a wonderfully sleek galvanised gold. Finally, the spray cap was designed to make product refills much easier, thanks to a sensory screwing system which guarantees preservation of the fragrance. This offers a sustainable dimension to the product.