Users just need to connect to the dedicated application on their smartphones or tablets and scan the QR codes on the back of the diffuser, which is the size of a tablet, to have access to the 20-fragrance catalogue it contains. This way, they can get informed about the products and trigger the olfactory tests of those they want to discover.

A faithful reproduction

The dry diffusion faithfully reproduces all fragrances’ notes. It is also possible to discover several fragrances in a row without saturating the atmosphere or mixing smells. Then, the diffuser can be cleaned and sanitized with an antiseptic solution.

The recyclable cartridges made available by Orlandi need to be replaced after 100 shots.

For now, the tablet can contain up to 20 cartridges, but we may offer even more in the future. We are considering developing a second generation tablet fitted with a touch screen,” explains Philippe Ughetto, Senior VP of Orlandi, the exclusive global distributor of the digital device.

Personalization and proximity

Convenience, hygiene, proximity… This new testing tool available in physical points of sale, travel retail stores, or through direct selling, offers multiple advantages.

Brazilian giant Natura &Co has already chosen this technology to replace the standard test catalogues used by their beauty advisors, both for direct selling and in physical stores, in Brazil and Latin America. The MultiScent 20 diffuser is already a star in the brand new phygital concept store opened by Natura on Oscar Freire street, in São Paulo. The application offers a quiz which analyses customers’ preferences and suggests a personalized perfume selection.

Dubbed « perfum.Ar », Noar’s digital solution enables visitors of the new Natura concept store to test the brand’s perfumed products.

As for brands, the digitalization of perfume discovery paves the way for shot personalization, content sharing and data collection regarding the user path.

With MultiScent 20™, olfactory testing takes on a new dimension: it is now possible to perfectly reproduce and miniaturize smells, while connecting consumers with our brand,” adds Philippe Ughetto.