Sharing the same values of independent and family-owned businesses, the Orlandi and V-Shapes companies have combined, as part of an exclusive marketing and business partnership, their complementarity, to offer personal care and beauty brands a new gesture in the flat sample area.

This partnership is part of a development perspective of the V-Shapes sample, serving a wide variety of products: perfumes, creams, foundations, lotions, scrubs, hair care, and particularly in the current context: hydro-alcoholic sanitizers.

Ease of use and product delivery

Designed and developed by V-Shapes, the eponymous sample stands out by its extreme ease of use: a light pressure with three fingers of one hand on both sides of the packet is enough to open it by folding it in half to release its contents at the level of the created fold. The solution ensures 98% product restitution. Its design (protected by eight patents) also guarantees perfect product protection, avoiding any risk of oxidation or outside contamination.

V-Shapes is proposed with six different opening systems, which makes it possible to package products with a broad spectrum of viscosity, texture, particle size.

The V-Shapes sample, which offers a capacity ranging from 0.2ml to 25ml, is available in several formats to allow multi-media distribution including the press. It includes a rigid part (back) displaying the regulatory information (bar code, legal notices, etc.) and a flexible part (front), which can be decorated with up to 8 colours. This side is dedicated to the sample’s personalization.

"As part of this partnership, we can provide the brand with all of our marketing expertise to enhance and customize its product," explains Philippe Ughetto, Senior Vice-president of Orlandi.

Sustainability and e-commerce

The V-Shapes sample also fully meets requirements for sustainable development by offering different structure compositions: a recyclable and a bio-sourced solution (more than 80%). "These solutions include the Ingeo biopolymer film from NatureWorks with whom we have signed a strategic partnership," specifies Christian Burattini, CEO of V-Shapes.

A standard version is available for products requiring high barrier properties. V-Shapes will further evolve in the coming months to offer consumers an augmented reality experience on their smartphone.

Precisely, to estimate which format, composition, opening system and capacity best suit the product, Orlandi and V-Shapes support the brand in its approach, by carrying out tests before going into production. There are three machine formats available (Alpha, Prime and Genesys) the technology of which is protected by several patents. In Europe, packaging and tests are carried out in the Italian and Estonian factories of V-Shapes; in North America, they are performed in Orlandi’s production units.

The sample, a marketing solution dedicated to consumers, to capture their attention, must now also, because of the Covid-19 crisis, offer them all the reassuring health safety features. The opening gesture of V-Shapes, which is contact-free is therefore 100% hygiene-proof. It is particularly suited for nomadic uses and POS distribution.

With its format, its reduced thickness and its size, V-Shapes also fully meets e-commerce requirements, currently consumers’ preferred distribution channel, in times when health instructions can still constitute a barrier to in-store experiences.

The combined expertise of Orlandi and V-Shapes in flat sampling, which has led to this innovative solution gets the thumbs up from brands and fully meets the principles of circular economy.

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