Natura will roll out electronic devices that can spread different fragrances on demand in their network of brick-and-mortar stores in Brazil. As a first step, these devices, whose format is similar to that of digital tablets, will be used as an alternative to paper catalogs. According to the brand, they will contribute to limit the number of testers and other forms of samples at points of sale while providing an hygiene upgrade.

The Brazilian cosmetics giant is the first company in the sector to bet on the digital perfume technology developed by its compatriot Noar, a spin-off of fragrance solutions provider Ananse. The start-up recently introduced its MultiScent 20, an electronic device that can reproduce odors. The innovative tool was developed in cooperation with Natura and with the help of investments from Brazilian glass packaging manufacturer Wheaton.

The fragrances are inserted into the digital demonstrator by means of micro-cartridges capable of delivering up to a hundred doses. They are sprayed through a small hole on one side of the device. The MultiScent 20 can be loaded with up to 20 fragrances at the same time. Users get access to the catalog by scanning the QR Code located on the device with their smartphone.

According to Cláudia Galvão, Noar’s CEO, the device releases a “dry scent”. Thanks to this technology, it leaves no residue in the air or on users and "it is possible to try several products in a row without creating confusion".