In order to diversify our perfuming rituals, French fragrance brand Caron has created a hand sanitizing version of six of its iconic perfumes. Jean Jacques, Caron’s on-house perfumer, has adapted the formulas of the brand’s perfumes to compose the new range, which is now available in a box of 6 small-sized bottles (45ml) and in a 200ml format.

To promote this collection, Orlandi has produced an exclusive eco-responsible mono-dose sample in partnership with V-Shapes.

Mono-material sample

Designed to be recyclable, the new V-Shapes single-dose is entirely made of polypropylene (PP). The difficulty of this single-material choice was to design an aluminium-free barrier that was sufficiently air-tight to accommodate and preserve the alcohol in the scented gel solution.

This 100% mono-material single-dose has recently benefited from the TOMRA verification and the Interseroh certification, two leading organizations focused on recyclability in the industry.

Caron perfume lovers now can discover six fragrances from the brand (Pour Un Homme, Aimez-Moi Comme Je Suis, Rose Ivoire, Vétiver Infini, Narcisse Blanc and Eau de Rocaille) that are available in hand sanatizers.

With this major innovation, Orlandi is strengthening its offer of eco-responsible products. So far limited for use in skincare sampling, the V-Shapes mono-dose can now offers a new eco-responsible sampling solution to the world of premium perfume.