The German skincare brand has joined the upcycling movement: for the first time in its history, a recycled ingredient, coffee grounds, was used in a face cream, in the Naturally Good range.

The company is making an effort to emphasize its status as a player committed to preserving our planet, making another step in the circular economy world. One kilogramme of coffee generates 1.2 kilogramme of waste. Every year, on the global level, we consume billions of kilogrammes of coffee, whose residues end up in landfill or, at best, in a compost bin. In addition, as they decompose, coffee grounds release methane, a gas that is harmful for the environment.

Thanks to its partnership with Kaffe Bueno, a company which transforms coffee from the hotel and catering industries into cosmetic actives, Nivea offers a second life to coffee grounds. The oil extracted is contained in the new energizing face cream in the Naturally Good range available in supermarkets since late September 2022.

Coffee is widely known as an excellent antioxidant, in particular in cosmetics, thanks to the caffeine and chlorogenic acid it contains. These actually help calm the skin, protect it from external aggressors, and prevent redness.

To go even further, Nivea has packed this face cream, a formula produced thanks to 100% renewable power, in a jar made from ISCC-certified materials. The FSC-certified cardboard is derived from sustainably managed forests.