The Vision: Wellness for All

Cannabidiolic Acid or CBDA is the natural form of CBD found in the hemp plant. Although this phytocompound was previously thought to be inactive and unstable, NeXtraction has been able to develop a water-based method, H2Only, to extract CBDA in a way that allows it to be highly stable and optimally absorbed into the body. With this key ingredient at the helm, NeXtraction partnered with Meiyume to launch a brand that could boost the health and wellness of consumers through enhanced recovery, elevated energy, and increased calmness of the body and mind.

Wellness for the Consumer and for the Planet

With the brand’s ethos in mind, Meiyume provided end-to-end turnkey support, managing all elements of the value chain from formulation development, to packaging design and sourcing, to manufacturing and filling.

Meiyume leveraged their partnership with the Vertical Beauty Alliance and collaborated with MANA to develop, industrialize, and manufacture the Daily Wellness Body Lotion – optimized to ensure maximum efficacy of NeXtraction’s key CBD/CBDA ingredient. The result is a clean formulation that is effective in reducing aches and pains, and is able to calm the skin from sun inflammation.

For packaging, NeXtraction selected Meiyume’s flagship Infinite Aluminium range, a sustainable option that pairs perfectly with Kriva’s mission, as aluminium is 100% recyclable and retains its properties indefinitely in a true closed loop. The bottles have a smooth curvature bottom and a streamlined shape, and most importantly is fully compatible with the CBDA infused formulations.

The final output of this collaboration are two key products in Kriva’s initial lineup, the Daily Wellness Lotion and the Everyday Massage Oil.

The Future

This exciting collaboration with Kriva is a wonderful example of what can happen when two like-minded organizations come together. We’ve loved seeing the product come to life and look forward to sharing more of our formulation and packaging library to meaningful brands that are upcoming in the beauty industry. We see a tremendous growth potential in Kriva and is proud to have been their key partner in their first launch,” said Alyson LeBaron, VP Innovation at Meiyume.

Products supported by Meiyume’s end-to-end solutions and their established partnerships within the cosmetic industry have allowed us to share NeXtraction’s expertise in CBDA research and ingredient manufacturing through Kriva. For Kriva the biggest benefit has been our ability to make sure products are exceeding both cosmetic and CBD industry manufacturing and testing standards. More products using the Meiyume solution are already under development,” said Nicole Foss, VP of Research and Development at NeXtraction Inc.