For its Vita-C Glycolic Brightening Serum, Murad has chosen Aptar’s Neomix innovative packaging solution.

Indeed, for this product based gold-stabilized vitamin C - a market first - Murad needed a packaging that could effectively protect the formulation integrity and uniquely showcase the product.

This is where Aptar’s innovation, Neomix, comes in. Neomix is a dual-dispensing system that features two formula chambers and two pumps to provide a fresh mix of formula each time the product is dispensed. “The package is ideal for customized skincare and make-up and for other products where dual-benefits are important like Murad’s Vita-C Glycolic Brightening Serum,” explains Aptar in a release.

The two chambers house the concentrated phases based on solubility and allow for a unique oil- in-serum application, keeping the concentrated ingredients separated to ensure a fresh dose of vitamin C with every use,” adds Kristen Robinson, Senior Director, New Product Development at Murad.

The phases of the products are housed in the pack two chambers thus...

The phases of the products are housed in the pack two chambers thus allowing a unique oil- in-serum application.

Aptar’s innovation and product development team collaborated closely with Murad to ensure a smooth execution with start to finish project management and on-site filling support through Aptar’s technical service team.