A few years after the launch of MossCellTec No.1, the Swiss-based supplier of cosmetic ingredient is launching MossCellTec Aloe [1], an unequaled aloe-moss extract sustainably obtained.

Derived from aloe-moss (Aloina aloides), a tiny dark green to reddish-brown moss measuring 2 to 5 mm in height and known as “common aloe-moss”, MossCellTec Aloe improves cell-to-cell communication via connexin channels, optimally evens the moisture distribution in the skin and reduces the volume and depth of wrinkles.

Due to the similarity in the appearance of the leaves, aloe-moss was named after the Aloe vera plant. This rare and tiny moss species has a high water retention capacity. Compared to seed plants, mosses do not have roots and water transport systems. Instead, they absorb water directly into their leaves. Mosses can trap excess water and nutrients from the soil and air.

In vivo tests have shown that MossCellTec Aloe can reduce signs of skin aging (skin elasticity, wrinkle volume and depth), improve skin hydration and improve moisture homogeneity.

MossCellTec Aloe is based on Mibelle Biochemistry’s MossCellTec technology which allows for the sustainable large-scale production of the moss extract.