Mibelle Biochemistry, which is celebrating this year their 30th anniversary, has promoted Cornelia Schürch as Managing Director. She succeeds Fred Zülli who founded the company and has managed it for 30 years. A handover ceremony was organised on May 1st, 2021.

We would like to thank Fred for his numerous valuable contributions over the last 30 years. He has built this business unit from scratch and led it to its established, significant position in the market. We are thus very happy that he will stay with us for a few more years and will continue to develop the business successfully,” said Mibelle in a statement.

Indeed, Fred Zülli is continuing within the company as Business Development Director. In this new role he will lead the research department and the entire sales team. He will focus on the development of new active concepts and ensure Mibelle Biochemistry’s continuous growth in all business areas.

Previously Head of Development & Compliance, Cornelia Schürch joined Mibelle Biochemistry in 2002. She graduated as food engineer in 1998 from ETH Zurich. In 2002 she did complete her PhD thesis in the laboratory of food microbiology, just before she joined the Mibelle Biochemistry team as scientific assistant in the product development. From 2003 on, she led the product development department, followed by the regulatory and compliance department in 2007. Since 2011 she acts as vice business manager of Mibelle Biochemistry and completed her EMBA in 2013.

Cornelia has been valuably contributing with her profound knowledge and innovation skills to the business unit. Furthermore, Cornelia has acted as Fred’s deputy with the objective of getting a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of our business unit during the last years. She is now perfectly equipped to take over the role as Managing Director,” added Mibelle Biochemistry.