’Mascara cocktailing,’ the latest beauty trend to come thick and fast on TikTok, has scored more than two million views in just a few weeks. However, this trend – which is inspired by traditional layering methods –does not seem to a breakthrough innovation. Yet, videos are multiplying at pace on social media, lauding the merits of this trick that promises long, full and voluminous lashes.

Two mascaras are better than one

This trend is rooted in the simple assumption that the perfect mascara does not exist. It is impossible, say TikTokers, to find a mascara that does a perfect job of making lashes both long and voluminous. Inevitably, they felt it necessary to develop a technique to overcome this. And the result is ’mascara cocktailing,’ promising a look worthy of false eyelashes in no time.

The advantage of this method lies in its accessibility, but also in its affordability. As well as being very easy to recreate alone in front of the mirror, it does not require an unlimited budget. Before starting, however, you need to do a little shopping to find the perfect mascaras to optimize your beauty routine. The goal is to get a mascara formulated for volume, a mascara formulated for length, and maybe even a third one to serve as a primer.

A cocktail of products

One in the bathroom, ’mascara cocktailing’ involves applying a primer, a lash care product, or even a clear mascara designed to naturally lengthen lashes, then switching to, say, a mascara that’s supposed to make them fuller and more voluminous. But that’s not all. ’Mascara cocktailing’ consists precisely in adding a third layer, a mascara formulated for XXL lashes, to get a look worthy of the most sophisticated red carpets.

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Just like many recent hits on TikTok –- ’coquette makeup’ or ’shower makeup’ trends, for example — ’mascara cocktailing’ seems to go against the trend for the more natural looks, which seemed ubiquitous since the Covid-19 pandemic.