There’s a fresh, new kind of romantic aesthetic blowing through social media. We thought users were obsessed with the gothic chic style of Netflix series "Wednesday," but here they are already turning to beauty that evokes the sweetness of spring. And so it is that ’coquette makeup’ has already inspired several million followers on TikTok.

An extension of the ’Barbiecore’ aesthetic, this new trend puts pink in the spotlight, but this time, it is not a hot pink shade but rather a soft rosy pastel pink, tinged with romance.

More than 10 billion views

The new beauty aesthetic is causing a sensation on TikTok with no less than 7.7 billion views for the hashtag #coquette, 1.6 billion for #coquetteaesthetic, more than 300 million for #coquettecore and over 120 million for #coquettemakeup. A surge that shows genuine enthusiasm for this aesthetic inspired by pretty, romantic stylistic elements.

This trend also celebrates an ultrafeminine style – that users own 100% – celebrated with bows, pearls, lace, butterfly patterns, flowers, and other details. All tinged with a touch of retro nostalgia: antique mirrors and ribbon-like headbands in the hair. Sort of a mix between Daphne Bridgerton and Blair Waldorf.

Blush and eyeliner as the basis

Once again, blush is a key element of this trend. After working on the complexion as for a classic beauty routine, it’s a matter of applying a pink blush – stick or powder – to the cheekbones, before finishing the whole look with a pearly powder. A luminous touch that is applied to eyelids, punctuated with a line of black eyeliner for a doe eye. For the mouth, matte lipstick is swapped for a pink or transparent gloss, which adds the dose of signature prettiness and romanticism that characterizes the ’coquette makeup’.