To meet the expectations of the make-up product market, MS BEAUTiLAB has developed Maestracolors+, a line of pigments and fillers onto which are grafted or coated molecules of interest, which improve product performance.

Functionalized pigments provide three types of benefits:

- Formulation: they improve dispersion, fluidity, viscosity and stability.
- Make-up: they contribute to better homogeneity, intensity, coverage, bio-affinity and long lasting. The improvement in bio-affinity, has been specially proven by a test carried out with “Green”, a natural and vegan functionalized pigment that enhances hold.
- Specific: depending on the functionalization, they provide additional properties with strong added value such as: sensoriality, antimicrobial protection, play-time, self-esteem thanks to neuroscience, like with the C8-SILK pigment.

They thus make it possible to develop products with exclusive and significantly differentiating properties. To demonstrate this, MS BEAUTILAB has created the Performance Lab, an internal performance evaluation laboratory which allows its formulas and technologies to be tested and enhanced.

The expertise in the development and industrialization of functionalized pigments is historical within the laboratories of MS BEAUTILAB,” reminds Éric Bouvier, its co-CEO. “It is the DNA of our recognized expertise in makeup. These functionalized pigments are present in most of the formulas that we develop and manufacture for our customers. The innovations of which we are capable through these technologies have led us to decide to make an offer of raw materials by its own, with high added value, which requires a different and specific distribution channel. This is the reason why we have entrusted this exclusive mission to Maprecos, on the French market.

Innovations accelerate, especially in the direction of even more natural formulas. This is a challenge, because the raw materials with the most technical properties usually come from the petrochemical industry. “We are therefore working on the development of “clean” pigments. By example, the functionalized pigment “Green” enhances a better bio-affinity on the skin and as a result, a proven significant improvement in the hold of the formula,” concludes Éric Bouvier.