Strand Cosmetics Europe has developed five Maestracolors+, pigments and fillers on which are grafted or coated molecules of interest, in favor of the formulation and application mainly for makeup products but also for care. The main benefits are hydrophobicity, coverage and homogeneity of colour at application, long-lasting or biologicla properties of grafted molecules.

Among this offer of five treatments, four hydrophobic treatments and one hydrophilic treatment provides various benefits:

- The two silicone treatments, MaestraColors+ Creamy and MaestraColors+ Classic, improve the fluidity of foundation formulas to which they are integrated while increasing the pigment load and thus the coverage at the application, the stability of the color and the long-lasting of the makeup.

- The MaestraColors+ Green treatment allows more naturalness in the formulas thanks to a natural and vegan molecule.

- The MaestraColors+ Safe treatment provides antimicrobial efficacy that boosts the preservation of anhydrous products such as complexion powders.

- Finally, the MaestraColors + Hydro treatment, with hyaluronic acid, is specific because it is hydrophilic. It thus makes it possible to improve the stability of the oil-in-water emulsions, to bring a particular sensoriality with a richer and more rolling touch, while providing a moisturizing efficacy. It also allows the integration of this hydrophilic active in waxy textures such as concealers or lipsticks.

The interest of these functionalized pigments on wellness has also been proven by a clinical study made on a foundation including C8‐silk lipoamino acid functionalized pigments. The study showed a decrease of stress indicators after five days of application [1]. The application also allowed to generate positive emotions and improve the self-esteem of users. 

Maestracolors+ technologies combine with the fundamental and historical expertise of Strand Cosmetics Europe: the formulation of cosmetics combining sensoriality and colour, recognized by international makeup brands,” concludes the company in a release.