For their new Cycle fragrance range, Maison Violet chose a refillable glass bottle supplied by Coverpla.

Refillable lightweight bottles

Cycle is a creative and ephemeral offering made up of limited-edition green fragrances. When the original bottle is empty, aluminium refills can be ordered online. For this specific project, Coverpla supplied the Ecotube design from the Ecoline lightweight glass range developed by Bormioli Luigi, with its 40% reduction in glass weight.

The brand chose the 100ml model for its minimal aesthetics and its environmental credentials. It is fitted with an Aptar screw pump, which means it can be safely refilled, and a wood cap.

A minimum impact

With Violet, we want to face up current social and environmental challenges. We conceived Cycle to be respectful to nature. As such, we focused on ecologically sourced materials. From the cardboard used for the outer packaging to the aluminium refill, everything was designed to reduce our product’s impact on the environment,” explains Victorien Sirot, co-founder of the this prestige brand, long a sleeping beauty.

Cycle is the contemporary version of this new era, a creative capsule celebrating individuality,” Victorien Sirot explains. “This eco-designed, refillable bottle matched perfectly with our launch schedule, and only a few are already on the market. Coverpla’s proposition was right on brief. So of course, we said yes!