Fully customizable, Coverpla’s new 15ml refillable glass bottle is perfect for perfumers and aromachologists but can also serve a large array of other purposes.

Dubbed Tess, this miniature bottle (15ml) is a new addition to the Coverpla catalog of standard bottles available on demand. It addresses the needs of perfumers for packs matching with their technical and visual requirements to present their olfactory creations to fragrance brands, explains the brand in a statement.

Designed by Coverpla and produced by Bormioli Luigi, it incorporates a pump selected for its powerful, targeted spray that integrates a smooth pump cover. Thanks to this type of spray, the atomizer fully coats the scent strip with just a single pressure, guaranteeing the perfect restitution of olfactory notes.

Topped with a CV15 collar, the bottle can be refilled. Its shape allows it to fit perfectly in the hand and the positioning of suitably sized labels.

Ideal for travels

The format of the Tess bottle makes it a perfect candidate for travel. It can become the fragrance of a few days, for discovery or an escapade away. Presented in a coffret, it allows the creation of a collection. “With multiple choices of cap and décor, it takes on any personality, from the most minimal to a high-end premium look,” adds Coverpla.