Maison Sambin is the first brand to leverage Aptar Beauty’s patented Silk diffusion technology, which was launched in 2021 within the Inune range.

The result of five years of research and development, Silk by Aptar offers a spray described as “continuous and ultra-soft, like a veil of perfume.” The traditional one-way insert is replaced by a new-generation nozzle with multiple micro-holes, allowing a better diffusion of the fragrance on the skin to optimize sensation. Dosage depends on the duration and force of pressure exerted on the pump. The ultra-fine and gradual diffusion can be up to ten times longer than that of a classic spray.

The spray-pump thus helps to highlight the sensorial benefits of fragrances, bestowing “the enveloping feeling of a veil on the skin.

Indie prestige brands tend to have pioneering approaches that inspire, stimulate and revolutionize the beauty market. The innovative Silk by Aptar perfume experience combined with the essence of the Maison Sambin is definitely in line with this trend,” Patrick Bousquel, Marketing Director Beauty EMEA, Aptar Beauty.

Luxury French fragrance house Maison Sambin offers genderless fragrances. The brand strives to pay tribute to the African diasporas. Their first collection features three fragrances – Osun, Oya, and Shango – are inspired from divinities of the west Africa’s Yoruba people. The entire collection is equipped with the Silk by Aptar spray.

The softness of the spray offers a unique olfactory and sensory experience that seems to suspend time, reinforcing our values, as each perfume tells its own story. The new Silk spray is a breath of fragrance filled with history. We are truly proud to be one of its pioneers,” commented Erold Sambin, Maison Sambin Founder & Artistic Director.

From the design to the filling, all the brand’s perfumes are made in France. The same goes for the Silk pump, which is manufactured at Aptar’s fragrance facility in Le Neubourg, in the Normandy region.