The specialist in perfume discovery through paper-based solutions is joining Aptar Beauty. The global solutions provider for beauty brands has acquired the company founded in 2004 by Michel Caffon in Lyon, France.

iD Scent will further strengthen and expand Aptar’s portfolio of fragrance sampling solutions with a 100% paper-based product, customizable to each beauty brand and fully e-commerce capable. iD Scent also brings a proprietary manufacturing process and assets.

Building on Michel Caffon’s aeraulic expertise, iD Scent has developed a strong know-how in scented paper technology, offering a wide range of full paper sampling, combined with compelling expertise in olfactory long lastingness. On the heels of their father, Julie Naso and Maxime Caffon have developed more sustainable fragrance sampling solutions in line with market expectations. Scentouch, their patented innovation launched in 2019, has received several awards such as a Formes de Luxe Award in 2020 and a Cosmetique Mag Award in 2021. The papers used in Scentouch meet a certain number of commitments, including Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification.

iD Scent meets the growing global demand for fragrance sampling that cares for the planet. The combination of Aptar’s global scale and iD Scent’s unique capabilities will enable further collaboration on sustainability actions and objectives with our customers. iD Scent’s offerings are made of paper which helps promote recycling. This partnership reinforces Aptar’s commitment to supporting a more circular economy, where packaging materials can be easily recycled,” said Marc Prieur, President of Aptar Beauty.

We were convinced from the start that, even if a sample is by definition a one-time usage, we could make it more durable. We are proud to have succeeded in meeting our challenge, as a result of our family complementarity and a close collaboration with our entire team! We are delighted of this integration to Aptar because their commercial and industrial power, together with our knowhow, will enable to serve faster the global need for more sustainable sampling solutions,” said Maxime Caffon and Julie Naso, Co-Executive Directors of iD Scent.