With this new collection, the dispensing solutions specialist offers a series of spray pumps based on a single technological platform: a new patented mechanism. POM-free and 10% lighter than the alternatives on the market, the four new spray pumps have been designed to be interchangeable, perfectly suited for refillable perfumes and also recyclable [1].

From a classic spray to a multi-sensorial experience

Since their generalization in perfumery, spray pumps have significantly shaped the sensorial experience related to fragrances. However, expectations still vary, depending on personality, culture, season or even occasion.

The Inune collection features four spray pumps corresponding to different ways to apply fragrances:

- Classic Inune, which offers a spray described as “short and targeted”, as precise and clean as it is quick, in order to apply the fragrance on a targeted body area, such as the neckline or décolleté.
- HDS [2] Inune, described as “breezy and broad”, which offers an ultra-fine spray and provides instant freshness while diffusing olfactory notes delicately and generously on the skin.
- Precious Inune, described as “long and luscious”, it offers an “enduring, enveloping and languorous mist.”
- Silk Inune, offers a spray described as “continuous and ultra-soft, like a veil of perfume” in order to highlight the sensorial benefits of fragrances.

Eco-design approach

Every detail in Inune’s design is in line with luxury codes: classic and discreet, the height of the spray pumps has been minimized and their mechanism is completely invisible. The spray pumps offer a particularly gentle action and the whole collection ensures a total olfactory neutrality as no metal components are in contact with the perfume.

Furthermore, the collection follows an environmentally friendly approach. POM-free and 10% lighter than the alternatives on the market, the spray pumps are perfectly suited for refillable perfumes. They meet the new CETIE standard for screw bottles and are therefore easily interchangeable onto any glass bottle in line with the standard.

For optimal recycling, Aptar recommends to leave the spray on the perfume glass bottle and place it in the glass recycling stream as most of them can also recycle the pump’s metallic components (subject to local capabilities).

"Our teams have skilfully combined their extensive fragrance expertise in ritual gestures, perfume neutrality and integrity, luxury design and technology. All of which take our planet into consideration, in line with our circular economy approach, this new collection offers refillability or recyclable solutions for our partners," said Xavier Joseph, Vice President Global Marketing and Innovation, Aptar Beauty + Home.