To complete its collections, French heritage brand Maison Berger Paris has renewed its collaboration with the French subsidiary of the Stoelzle group, which produced the glass bottles for the its latest launches.

Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie thus produced the curvaceous bottle of the Lampe Senso Verte, designed by Rozenn Mainguené. Produced in N°1 Luxe glass, the aesthetics of this 300 ml bottle with hollowed facets is enhanced by a peacock green lacquering.

Another recent creation: the Duality 300 ml bottle, by designer Anthony Gambus, explores the multiple facets of femininity. Its original shape reveals a harmonious pleats, highlighted by a plum shade. The entire artefact is outlined by a black silicone band embossed with the name of the brand. This textured material effect contrasts with the rest of the glass bottle.

This new collaboration with the Maison Berger Paris teams was also another big challenge for Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie. “Indeed, the striations made it necessary to make adjustments to the model at the parting line, in order to avoid any alteration of the design during the removal from the mould. In addition, the place where the silicone (and therefore deformable) accessory is located required a very special adaptation work related to tolerance and dimensions,” said the French glassmaker.

Eventually, in the wake of the nude and the white bottles released in 2021, the brand’s Glaçon (Icecube) collection was completed by the Glaçon Gingko (silver grey) and Glaçon Mountains (gold) bottles.

The know-how of Stoelzle’s teams made it possible to obtain total flatness on all four sides of this 250 ml cube with rounded corners. This flatness is essential with regard to the complexity of the decorations, which are repeated identically on each of the sides, in order to guarantee the colours after several annealing sessions.