On March 2nd, during the presentation of his Womenswear fall-winter 2022-2023 collection at the Paris Fashion Week, Belgian designer Dries Van Noten unveiled his perfume and make-up collection.

The brand has entrusted Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie with the exclusive production of both the glass and the decoration of the refillable bottles for the perfumes. In line with the usual aesthetics world of Dries Van Noten (Puig Group), the bottles are full of striking visual statements.

This development has made it possible to meet several challenges, said Stoelzle Masnières:

- Develop ten different versions of the decoration for each of the fragrances. Eight bottles were lacquered (Jardin de l’Orangerie, Neon Garden, Rosa Carnivora, Cannabis Patchouli, Voodoo Chile, Rock the Myrrh, Fleur du Mal, Soie Malaquais); and two bottles (Raving Rose and Santal Greenery) were coated using Quali Glass Coat 2.0, Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie’s exclusive decoration process [1].
- Adapt a new "clockwork" type neck with notches.
- Provide several solutions for gluing the shells to ensure the perfect adhesion of each of the beautiful materials chosen for these 10 projects: porcelain, wood, metal, resin. Making these bottles true collectable objects.

The 100ml glass bottles are refillable, a key and a funnel allows to unscrew the pump and to complete the operation.

Creative director of the brand that carries his name, Dries Van Noten is fond of flowers - that he cultivates in his magnificent garden in his Antwerp home. He describes his debuts into the worlds of fragrance as if “playing a creative ping-pong”, teaming up with several perfumers he has therefore expressed his creative and artisanal vision in a genderless collection of ten eaux de parfum.

The collection is available in retail stores in the EU, the UK, and the USA and at www.driesvannoten.com.