Stoelzle Glass Group has invested in a new high speed spraying line in their decoration site at Stoelzle Częstochowa, Poland.

Operational since March 2022, the new decoration line is the 4th spray line at the Polish Stoelzle site.

A EUR 1 million investment

The new state of the art spraying line is equipped with an automatic loading and unloading system and takes also advantage of fast curing by infrared lamps, which further enhances the production capacity.

As far as sustainability is concerned, Stoelzle has committed themselves to use only eco-friendly, water-based inks and to withdraw from solvent-based colours in all of their three decoration sites.

Representing a EUR 1 million investment, the high-speed line is planned to reach a daily output of more than 100,000 sprayed bottles.

The line is technically adapted to process containers up to a size of 200mm and will therefore focus on perfumery, cosmetics and pharmaceutical bottles.

As the demand for decorated glass containers has been constantly growing over the past few years, Stoelzle will now be able to offer enhanced capacities to a broad range of segments in the international markets. The decoration department at the Stoelzle Częstochowa offers trendy and innovative decoration for all kinds of glass containers, ranging from large sized Spirits bottles to very small Pharma glass containers,” said the group in a statement.