With a similar structure to xanthan gum, Kelco-Care diutan gum is a microbial polysaccharide produced by fermentation. Introduced to the market last year, the ingredient has thickening and suspending capabilities that can impart protection and repair benefits to hair fibres even at low use levels. According to LLS Beauty, these properties make the new ingredient ideally suitable for conditioners, treatments and hair colour where it can be used in a wide range of pH and temperatures.

Thanks to its film forming capabilities “with excellent conditioning benefits”, Kelco-Care diutan gum also “give a nice, silky sensory experience to the hair with no drag or stickiness,” claims LLS Beauty.

Skin care, sun care and colour cosmetics formulations

New tests allowed to uncover new benefits of Kelco-Care diutan gum for skin care, sun care and colour cosmetics formulations.

According to LLS Beauty, the ingredient provides :

- Immediate moisturizing effect that lasts all day long making it a truly multifunctional ingredient for skin care formulations;
- Excellent stability at high temperature, maintaining the viscosity of sunscreens during the summer season;
- Strong pigment suspension capabilities to meet the growing demand for natural-derived makeup.

In addition, Kelco-Care diutan gum is easy to disperse and cold processable in formulations. It is also high efficiency due to high pseudoplasticity with greater low shear rate viscosity (and yield), adds LLS Beauty.

Our team of researchers and scientists continue to look for new ways to enhance our nature-based ingredients to meet sustainability goals and consumer expectations,” said Maxime Fougère, Global Marketing Manager, LLS Beauty. “We’re excited to have found new benefits for Kelco-Care diutan gum that meet these needs.