After the fire that destroyed its production site in late September 2021, the Livcer company soon reacted, going back to business as soon as November. “We were very reactive. We were able to start our production again less than two months after the fire, with four lines out of nine, thanks to four second-hand machines and stocks. Fortunately, storage was outsourced, so our materials were safe at one of our subcontractors’,” explains Aude de Livonnière, President of Livcer.

Seven operational lines in July

Thanks to the arrival of new machines, Livcer can now enjoy optimum production capacity. Seven lines will be operational as soon as July to meet all customers’ needs in terms of time-to-market and innovation.

This generation of machines is definitely in line with ecodesign expectations, and more energy-efficient. They can process paper, i.e. recyclable doses, but also all new generations of recycled plastics. They also help reduce 30% of material waste,” says the Director.

These new industrial tools are more efficient in terms of production speed and can print back to back or two sides at the same time for capacities from 0.1 ml to 60 ml. They can also produce flat-bottom single doses which can be laid vertically.

Our new machines work faster and offer more options,” sums up Aude de Livonnière.

Machinery-driven innovation

Thanks to these investments, the Livcer company boasts a broad offering adapted to new brand expectations, in particular indie brands’, adds Aude de Livonnière.

With these new machines, we can still produce large series, but we have also chosen smaller, more agile formats with which moulds can be changed faster. We aimed to meet the needs of makeup brands who ask for smaller quantities with a wider palette of colours. Since mould sizes are reduced, they also require less plastic for doses with the same capacity, but smaller blisters,” she concludes.

These innovations will be showcased alongside the single doses made from recyclable paper at the MakeUp in Paris show next June 16-17, 2022.