To help consumers to test skin care and make-up products despite the Covd-19 pandemic, brands and suppliers were very quick at anticipating shoppers returning to stores and have developed new samples and single-dose testers compliant with sanitary requirements.

For testing lipsticks, Livcer drew inspiration from the usual retail-size product application, but enhanced it with an innovation: Livstick.

The sample consists of a wood stick slid into a single-use blister pack whose ends are coated with a small quantity of lipstick. “Brands’ specifications were very simple: it had to be visual, little cumbersome, so it can easily fit in drawers, cheap, and as green as possible,” explains company founder Aude de Livonnière. The customizable blister pack is based on recyclable materials and the stick is made of wood. Livstick is available as a single-use blister pack or as a precut six-stick bar. It can either be put away in drawers or demonstrators’ bags, or put on display.

To develop this new product, Livcer invested in a new production tool which will be operational next August, so the sample can be marketed in September.

Livcer’s new Livstick caught the attention of the jury of experts at MakeUp in Paris, which was held virtually this year, and was awarded an IT Products Award.