The founder of MR Cartonnage Numérique, a company specializing in the production of mock-ups, and in the digital printing of small, medium and large series of secondary packaging, which has been part of the Diam group since September 2017, has just taken overall responsibility for Diampack.

Established in the wake of the acquisition of France’s Norline and Thailand’s Cofina, Diampack is the packaging “arm” of the Diam group.

Primarily serving the beauty and spirits sectors, this packaging branch is currently made up:

- MR and their three complementary business units: MR Artworks, its independent execution studio , MR Mock-Up Lab, its industrial mock-ups and micro-series, and MR Factory, its agile and high-quality production for the largest series.
- Norline Atelier, which specialises in made in France complex and premium boxes, from luxury sample cases for sales reps to gift boxes and sets for training sessions.
- Diam Asia Thailand, which specialises in complex boxes, focusing on handmade creations, using mixed materials, metal, wood, marquetry, leather and more for beautifully crafted large series. The new entity therefore focuses on the ex-Cofina’s integrated expertise and in-house manufacturing centres and therefore does not include their trading business.

Our broad expertise makes it easy to embrace complexity and the use of different materials,” highlights Diampack in a statement.

To better serve their customers, Diampack benefits from the Diam group’s international commercial presence (in New York, Singapore, Dubai and Milan), in addition to their own sales teams in France (mainly focusing on fragrances, cosmetics, wines and spirits) and in Scotland (specifically for the whisky market, at the core of Diam Asia Thailand’s operations).