Le Rouge Français was born from the will to preserve the sensorial properties of conventional lipsticks without giving up on the naturalness consumers want and get from the organic makeup segment.

The problem was, according to our research, both offerings could be questioned. For example, although it is banned from food, titanium dioxide is accepted in conventional formulas, and mica is tolerated in organic products, although it is a mineral, i.e. a non-renewable resource whose extraction involves unethical practices. So, to us, it was obvious we had to go farther,” explains Salem Ghezaili, President and Co-founder of the company.

The founders decided to work on a 100% renewable, 100% natural grape-based formula with natural colourants derived from tinctorial plants. “These plants have been used in textile dyeing for tens of thousands of years, and if Cleopatra used certain pigments like sorghum from the Nile valley for lips, it was never really exploited in makeup,” adds Salem Ghezaili.

The products are composed of 95% organic ingredients and 100% natural ingredients, they are Cosmebio and vegan-certified and contain rice wax rather than beeswax to fix pigments.

In line with their initial idea, the founders have added a high-end dimension to their offering. “We aimed at showing that we could reach the sensoriality of conventional lipsticks in terms of texture, long wear, and coverage, as well as a higher degree of naturalness than most organic-certified brands,” explains Salem Ghezaili.

The unctuous formula rich in shea butter and vegetable oils and waxes is endowed with skincare virtues thanks to its moisturizing properties. Free from any tattooing effect, it lasts as long as a standard lipstick – about four hours. The shade created by the tinting power of plants gives the visual impression of a more natural product with a satin-like appearance.

The packaging is also in line with the brand’s values, with its Ecocert-certified, 100% recyclable monomer-based transparent case. In addition, the brand makes it possible for customers to collect used packaging with a prepaid envelope and directly send them to recycling companies.

For this end of year, Le Rouge Français launches a capsule collection adorned with leather-looking cases made of apple skin, an alternative to animal skin with the same finish and sensoriality. “Compared to other plant-based skins, apple skin offers a higher biosourced proportion and a better resistance over time,” explains Salem Ghezaili. Case cladding is handmade by a Patrimoine Vivant-certified craftsman. The collection will be released in December: it will be available for €45, compared to €35 for the standard version.

About fifteen new colours will be added to the first three by the end of the first quarter 2020.The colour range may seem too reduced, but we do defend this minimalism. Working with nature also means accepting to have less wide a shade offering,” concludes the Director.