After having launched a range of eye make-up, the Global Bioenergies’ brand now offers 14 shades of liquid lipsticks.

Similarly to their products for the eyes, LAST’s liquid lipsticks combine high performance and high naturalness. A feat made possible by the use of naturally-derived isododecane, an innovative ingredient that avoids the use of petrochemical derivatives.

Indeed, thanks to its long-lasting and low transfer properties and its ability to resist water, while having good application and drying properties, isododecane is a key ingredient in high performance makeup formulations.

LAST’s liquid lipstick formulation uses naturally sourced isododecane produced by Global Bioenergies, which means we are the first company to have created a product of over 90% naturalness while maintaining the top performance standards on the market, as blind consumer trials have shown,” explains Muriel Morelli in charge of product development.

Marc Delcourt, Co-founder and CEO of Global Bioenergies adds: “Our process has found its first application in the cosmetics industry, and its contribution to the environmental transition will only grow in future as it impacts entire segments of the materials and fuels industries”.