Knoll Packaging has introduced a series of patent-pending make-up compacts made from 100% Knoll Ecoform molded pulp, a plant material made from bamboo, wood and sugar cane fibers, which can be used as an alternative to thermoformed plastics. These fully customizable designs feature magnet free closure and - potentially - a removable mirror.

The new application required over one year of research and development to launch onto the market. Customization options include embossing and stamping or added FSC paper mask for additional decoration.

The Knoll Ecoform molded pulp compact continues Knoll’s mission to create a better world through design innovation and deepens its commitment to eliminate plastics from its supply chain,” says the company in a statement. Knoll Packaging aims to eliminate 200 metric tons of plastic from its supply chain by Summer 2023.

Recyclable plant material

Knoll Packaging introduced Knoll Ecoform onto the market over 5 years ago to eliminate plastics and drive positive change in the packaging industry. The material is certified recyclable in the paper recycling stream, and can be molded, cut to order and color matched.

From this launch, Knoll has worked with the world’s leading brands to implement the sustainable material and push its boundaries to new limits with 100% pulp packaging solutions. Last year, the company partnered with French luxury powerhouse Chanel to create an-awarding winning packaging for an advent calendar dedicated to the brand’s N°5 line.

The launch of our Knoll Ecoform molded pulp compacts pushes the boundaries of this sustainable material to new heights. Our Knoll Ecoform pulp compact took over 1 year to develop to ensure it has the highest level of quality and design to satisfy the luxury market. The configurations are limitless, and the material can be color matched to align with a brands DNA. In 2023, we will see brands adapting this for their own use, as well as implementing Knoll Ecoform for make-up refills. Knoll Ecoform has become one of the most in-demand material at Knoll, and this latest innovation has the possibility to transform the make-up sector into a more sustainable future,” said Benjamin Cohen, Creative and Innovation Director at Knoll Packaging.

In 2022, Knoll formed a partnership agreement with Albertini Packaging for the regionalization of a part of their production from Asia into Europe, and recently began offering European production of its Knoll Ecoform molded pulp. The packaging supplier also diversified its Asian supply sources with the opening of a fully owned and operated factory in the Philippines.