Knoll Packaging has announced they will open a fully owned and operated factory in the Philippines that is scheduled to begin production January 2023.

The custom-built 8,000 sqm. factory was designed to minimize its environmental footprint. The facility features a full rooftop solar array, rainwater collection for re-use, and a low carbon footprint.

The factory is in a Duty-Free trade zone which is ‘0’ VAT for import and exports. The location is highly industrialized with neighbouring facilities owned by Epson, Dyson, Honda and many others, and is close to Manila Port. The Philippines factory will also feature Knoll Packaging’s proprietary custom-built machinery designed for cost efficiency and continued high quality.

"This project is a continuation of our regionalization initiatives globally. This strategy gives us opportunities for cost containment,” said Jeremy Cohen, President and CEO of Knoll Packaging.

Knoll Packaging recently announced a strategic commercial partnership with Albertini Packaging Group (APG) that bringsKnoll’s quality production into Europe. Knoll developed proprietary machinery that is automated with technical upgrades that have never been achieved before in Europe. Knoll also began offering European production of moulded pulp to its customers this year. The material is certified recyclable and biodegradable, can also be moulded, cut to order and colour matched. Through this sustainable innovation, Knoll is on track to eliminate 200 metric tons of plastic from its supply chain by summer 2023.