Since its creation in 2004, Scentys has been offering brands (75% of its turnover) an exclusive technology for diffusing perfumes in the air. The concentrate comes in a solid format, in the form of small pearls, and the fragrance is released thanks to an airflow system. This proprietary technology is also offered to shops, offices or hotels to enhance the olfactory identity of the premises. Finally, for in-store testing, the company offers alternative solutions to test bottles, in the form of mechanical olfactory keys: filled with perfumed capsules developed by the company, they ensure a perfect and very accurate reproduction (always validated by the brands) for about two months, with no necessary maintenance.

Strong market growth

Driven by the dynamism of the home fragrance market, Scentys is now targeting a turnover of 20 to 25 million euros within 5 years, compared to 6 million euros in 2021. In March, the company opened a sales office in New York to better serve a very dynamic North American market. It is also counting on the growing interest of Asia, particularly China, in creating pleasant olfactory atmospheres in homes, offices or cars.

"The home fragrance market has been growing at a steady pace for several years. Its growth has been accelerated by the various confinements, which have prompted people to attach great importance to the comfort of their homes and, more generally, to their well-being," explains Pierre Loustric, CEO.

New industrial site and identity

Anticipating the increase in its activity, Scentys has invested nearly one million euros in a new industrial site. On 1 July, the company commissioned its new production unit in Saint-Ouen L’Aumône, in the greater Paris area, in a 3,000 m2 site (against 600 m2 for the previous one), benefiting from the BREEAM environmental label.

Equipped with new machines, the site is ready to meet the demands of clients who are increasingly interested in a full-service offer, including not only the filling of scented capsules but also their packaging. A Quality Manager position has been created to supervise all the processes and guarantee optimal customer service.

A FabLab with rapid prototyping machines has also been integrated. It should allow development teams to move more quickly from the customer’s concept to the industrial prototype, and thus help considerably reduce the development time before launch.

At the same time, Scentys has revamped its visual identity with a new logo, a new baseline ("Excellence in fragrance diffusion") and a new website.

More sustainable solutions

Thanks to a technology that uses very little perfume concentrate and ultra-light products with a diffusion time equivalent to that of a candle, Scentys has long claimed a reduced environmental impact. Especially since its dry technology does not emit VOCs and therefore offers a particularly safe perfuming.

To take things a step further, the EcoVadis Silver certified company has expanded its offer cartridges with a recycled PP option. The cartridges can also be recycled in the normal flow of plastic packaging. Scentys is carrying out further research and is currently evaluating various alternative materials.

"Our very light cartridges (24g) are perfectly suited to e-commerce and have a very low carbon footprint compared to candles, for example. But we are continuing our efforts to find ever more ecological solutions," insists Pierre Loustric.

Scentys has recently developed a connected and intelligent diffuser, which can interact with voice assistants (Alexa type). A customisable turnkey solution for a brand wishing to develop a new relationship with its customers.

"We are an engineering company with a very marked technical culture. We see innovation as an important vector for growth, but innovation is not just about high-tech, it is also about regular advances in the use of more sustainable materials and reducing our environmental footprint," concludes the CEO.