This new business entity, Scentys Inc., will allow Scentys to be closer and more responsive to clients as it assists them with their fragrance diffusion projects. It will also strengthen Scentys’s foothold in the US, a strategic market due to its size and growth momentum, and to the presence of multinational perfume companies.

Loic Remoussenard has been chosen to head up the subsidiary.

As Managing Director of Scentys Inc., he will be in charge of sales development in the US market, staying in direct and constant contact with our clients there as needed.

The goal is to use Scentys technology to deliver innovative solutions and services tailored to trends and needs in the US market.


Loic Remoussenard
Managing director

Scentys Inc
590 Madison Avenue NY, New York City
10022 New York – USA

Mobile : +1 (646) 894-3200