An expert in the diffusion of fragrance in the air since 2004, Scentys now launches a new B2B2C fragrance diffusion concept designed to fit into our daily lives. A voice command option makes it as easy to use as possible. The platform is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa voice service. In addition, all the fragrance diffusion devices are equipped with bluetooth and wifi.
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A connected, smart fragrance diffuser

You can ask the voice assistant to start one or more diffusers, to select your favorite fragrance, or to choose where you want to launch the diffusion. For instance, if you want to relax in your living room, you can tell the diffuser to switch on and create a soothing atmosphere. Wellbeing begins immediately,” says Scentys.

A dedicated smartphone application allows to control and program fragrance diffusion in a single step, either on-site or remotely. Compatible with Apple and Android devices, it can be used to start or stop diffusion in a specific room, or to diffuse a specific fragrance to create the desired atmosphere.

In order to ensure that diffusion is always perfectly safe, exposure rates (based on the quantity of fragrance, the size of the room and many other parameters) are calculated in real time.

Personalized support

Intended for brands, this new diffuser is fully customizable. Scentys develops the technical specifications and manages the project every step of the way, from the creativity/design phase through to the prototype and manufacturing.

Fragrances are provided by the client, and Scentys uses its exclusive technology to ensure:
 high-quality fragrance diffusion;
 optimal safety;
 eco-design and recyclability of capsules.

Get to know clients better

This connected and smart platform allows brands to create a dialogue in real time with their clients. Gathering data about their habits and usage will help marketers get to know them better so they can offer personalized content and recommendations. For example: suggest a new fragrance, let them know their capsule is almost empty and propose buying a new one, or offer advice on optimizing their olfactory comfort.

Scentys technology

The concept for this custom fragrance diffuser is the result of more than three years of research and development, in partnership with Amazon Web Services. It is based on Scentys’ exclusive, patented fragrance capsule technology that allows a cold-air and completely dry diffusion process.

Small beads packed with solid fragrance concentrate, but no alcohol or solvents, are stored in the capsules. When air blows through them, they release the fragrance in a subtle, light and even way. This process guarantees that fragrances are reproduced accurately and that users can create a comfortable olfactory environment in total safety. Diffusion leaves no after-scent, so only the new fragrance is present once the capsule is changed.

The capsules are easy and safe to use. They are made in France, in Scentys’ factory near Paris, and are 100% recyclable.

As the home has never been more of a refuge, Scentys is introducing a new ritual for enjoying fragrances and creating wellbeing, and meeting the quest for wellbeing, healthy products, simplicity and immediacy in homes that are ever more connected and have become the ultimate refuge.