Brazil is well known for its extraordinary biodiversity. It is the largest area of biodiversity in the world; it is made up of unique ecosystems: seven distinct biomes, each with a singular richness that represents an inexhaustible source of inspiration, innovation and biotechnology development.

Pioneer and expert in biotechnologies for 30 years, it was therefore a clear evidence for Greentech to set up their first factory outside Europe in Brazil, in the heart of all this natural wealth. The French designer and producer of high-tech active ingredients extracted from natural botanical, marine or microbial sources, thus chose to locate its facility within the Diadema Cosmetics Hub, close to São Paulo.

The proximity of local communities that develop fair and socially and environmentally responsible cultivation work, as well as the fact that Brazil is the fourth largest Beauty and Personal Care market in the world, just behind the United States, China and Japan, were also key factors in this choice,” explains Damien Lamquet, General Manager of Greentech Brasil.

Local production

Thanks to their own industrial tool and state-of-the-art laboratories in Brazil, the company has begun to produce several ingredients locally.

At the heart of these active ingredients, all the performance of nature, enhanced by cutting-edge processes (bioguided extraction, enzymatic bio-purification, fermentation, bioconversion...), natural alternatives with proven effectiveness.

The knowledge of Brazilian biodiversity has enabled Greentech to develop ingredients that concentrate the full power of the Brazilian biomes.

Dandrilys is a natural active ingredient titrated in saponins (jujubosides) obtained from Ziziphus joazeiro bark, acting at different levels to effectively and durably reduce dandruff. It targets the dysbiosis observed in the scalp affected by dandruff (one of the major causes), modulating in vivo the bacteriobiont and mycobiont, towards a healthier scalp. Dandrilys offers a complete solution to dandruff through a systemic approach, modulating both the scalp microbiota and biological pathways for a healthy scalp. A healthy and natural alternative to Zinc Pyrithione 1%.

Zoryalys is a natural active ingredient developed through a biomimetic approach, combining highly antioxidant and photo-protective molecules (Shogaol & Gingerol from ginger, and Magnolol & Honokiol from magnolia) with long-chain lipidic fatty acids from Brazilian pracaxi oil, to mimic hair lipids. Thanks to its penetration into the hair core, it protects against protein carbonylation, tryptophan and cystine degradation and maintains the keratin structure, thus restoring hair strength, shine and colour.

These ingredients have been presented at the in-cosmetics Latin America show, which was held on 21-22 September 2022 in São Paulo, Brazil.

The show was also the occasion to discover Greentech’s 2022 innovation, Myralys, a natural active ingredient COSMOS-certified, highly purified in gentiopicroside, sourced from organic wild yellow gentian roots, to lift droopy upper eyelids and rejuvenate the under-eye contour (dark circles, eye bags and tear trough), offering a total eye contour rejuvenation from 14 days of use, for a time-defying look.