Introduced at in-cosmetics in Paris, Greentech’s new active ingredient is a COSMOS-certified organic active ingredient, sourced from organic wild yellow gentian roots. Sustainably harvested in France by by gentian-pickers trained in good harvesting practices, Myralys is highly purified in gentiopicroside to lift upper eyelids and reduce dark circles and eye bags of lower eyelids for a time-defying look.

"Our new organic active ingredient Myralys, formulated at 0.5%, has shown remarkable effectiveness in smoothing wrinkles and reducing the appearance of puffiness after 14 days of twice-daily use on volunteers with older-looking eye contours. A lifting effect is clearly observed on slackened upper eyelids (smoother, less wrinkled) and a regenerating effect on the entire lower eye contour,” explains Sébastien Hameury, Marketing Director at Greentech.

Myralys reduces lipid peroxidation, activates the Nrf2 antioxidant defense pathway and stimulates the expression of Glyoxalase-1 (a major detoxifying enzyme), to limit oxidation reactions and carbonyl stress leading to the formation of AGEs. It also limits the formation of AGEs accelerated by UV while promoting collagen synthesis, thus preserving and strengthening the skin’s support structures. Myralys limits inflammation and angiogenesis, both of which are promoted by AGEs and carbonyl stress.

Another new development announced at in-cosmetics was the repositioning of the Cannabidiol isolate from hemp grown sustainably in South America and processed locally, obtained by supercritical CO2 extraction. This high quality active ingredient, titrated to a minimum of 98% CBD, has a very strong anti-inflammatory power. It also has a very marked action on sebo-regulation, for anti-imperfections/acne and radiance-boosting actions.

Traceability, sustainability, transparency and innovation were among the highlights of the last edition of the in-cosmetics Global event as shown in our special issue: Cosmetic Ingredients - April 2022.

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