On the occasion of the latest Cosmetagora tradeshow, which was held in Paris on 14-15 January 2014, France-based supplier of active ingredients, Greentech has presented a botanical-derived ingredient that is claimed to be active against dandruffs within 72 hours.

Launched a few months earlier, Dandrilys is a complete dandruffs reducer agent, which has been developed from the bark of Ziziphus joazeiro, a tree native from Northeastern Brazil.

In Brazil, bark and leaves of Ziziphus joazeiro are used in traditional medicine for external application to cleanse hair and teeth, and to whiten facial skin thanks to their foaming properties. Also, Ziziphus joazeiro is traditionally employed for antidandruff hair care,” says Greentech.

High concentration of saponins

According to Greentech, around 50% of world population is suffering from dandruffs.

Dandruff appearance is due to abnormal desquamation of cells of epidermis at scalp level. Proliferation of the fungi Malassezia enhances the phenomenon since it provokes inflammations as very unpleasant itching, irritations or sebum excess... Also, many factors can favour dandruff appearance as stress, hormones unbalance, excessive sudation, repeated aggressions to scalp (strong detergent, hair dye, perm hair)...

In vivo and in vitro tests conducted by Greentech show that Dandrilys is as efficient as zinc pyrithione, a well-known antidandruff molecule. This efficacy is, according to Greentech, due to the high concentration of Dandrilys in sapponins.

In addition, tests showed that Dandrilys contributes to reduce inflammation as irritations and itching. Data revealed that Dandrilys decreases both: the release of itching mediator (histamine) and the activity of enzyme involved in irritations (5-LOX).

Auto-evaluations also show that Dandrilys is more appreciated by volunteers than Zinc pyrithione.

Another advantage of Dandrilys, according to Greentech, is that it is very soft and even with a soothing effect, and can therefore be used in daily shampoos and not as a limited treatment.