Geka’s premium “Polymorphe Mascara Packaging” solution

The “Curl Me” mascara and the premium “Polymorphe Mascara Packaging” are part of the “Kiss the Nature” collection the German-based manufacturer presented at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna in March 2019. Both products have been selected by the MakeUp IT Products Committee and will be presented on the Paris show’s Innovation Tree.

Curl Me

The “Curl Me” mascara includes Geka’s new bi-injected brilliantEYES moulded brush featuring a curved design made with Geka’s exclusive Sandwich technology. The two-shot technology produces a stable brush core surrounded by flexible and soft bristles. “The curved brush shape is perfectly adapted to the lash line and coats every lash in an instant. It picks up every single lash and carefully bends it into a curl from base to tip,” claims Geka.

The packaging decoration is achieved by laser technology: the 360° wood optic is inspired by nature to create a highlight at the POS.

Polymorphe Mascara Packaging

The Polymorphe Mascara Packaging concept has been designed to meet rising market needs in terms of flexibility, time to market, as well as functionality and aesthetic requirements. Geka proposes a standard inner-bottle with a basic round form that can be used in combination with metal outer shells in a variety of shapes without any need of adjusting the inside bottle.

Additionally, the surface of the metal makes the product a high-quality, high-end packaging option in various retail channels. In brief, this packaging solution offers a highly customizable standard pack with squeezed timing and cost constraints.

Online 3D packaging configurator

At MakeUp in Paris, Geka will also showcase their 3D packaging configurator for mascara. In a few minutes, Geka’s customers can create a mascara product tailored to their brand and meeting their requirements when it comes to aesthetics, functionality, and make-up performance.

What truly sets this new 3D configurator apart are the filtering options it offers users. Starting from over 100 stock components and 1200 possible combinations, the customer can find a perfect match by selecting from different criteria: desired make-up result, type of applicator, packaging filling volume or material, to name a few,” says Geka in a release.

Users can view the exact specifications of each component as they customize their pack, allowing them to instantly compare the benefits of each possible combination of components.