Launched in France on the 20th of April 2022 by Japanese beauty giant Shiseido,Ulé is and eco-conscious skincare brand, inspired from the nature and environmentally-friendly.

For their jars and vials made from lightweight glass (Bormioli Luigi), Ulé has chosen the biomaterial created by Finnish start-up Sulapac.

This is where Faiveley Plast Beauty (VPI) was able to assist with its expertise. The expert in the transformation of bios-sourced materials, worked alongside the R&D and Purchasing divisions at Shiseido to develop and produce all of the caps for the new range including:

 Two caps of different sizes for the Je suis chill cream (15ml and 30ml caps),
 A cap for the balancing floral mist Le beau Reset.

The caps comprise two parts made from Sulapac’s organically-sourced alternative to plastic.

This material offers a host of eco-responsible benefits – organically-sourced FSC wood, sustainability, compostability, eco-design, low carbon impact, European manufacturing – as well as in terms of quality and functionality.

Technical challenges

For Faiveley Plast Beauty, there were several technical challenges for the production of the Ulé caps. It was necessary to have control of the injection and assembly of two Sulapac materials – the premium material and barrier material – and to do so in harmony with the clean and elegant design of the brand. The caps also had to match the specifications for packaging approval. These require, on the one hand, perfect production of the formulas (oxygen barrier) and on the other, degradability (compostable in industrial settings).

Together, Faiveley Plast Beauty and Sulapac undertook a considerable work on the colours of the caps, so as to blend perfectly with the brand’s product range. Finally, the brand’s logo was inlaid on all the caps.

Faiveley Plast Beauty is proud to release its second full range of products made using Sulapac. The challenges proposed to us by brands are a source of inspiration and innovation for our teams. They motivate us to always go one step further and push the boundaries of our expertise,” said Marc Beltrami, Commercial Director for the packaging manufacturer.

Let’s also mention that wher a spray pump was required, Ulé opted for Silgan Dispensing’s SP22 Maximist fine mist sprayer, incorporating a high percentage of post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin.