With age, pores enlarge, doubling in diameter between 25 and 50 years due to a loss of skin elasticity. But, with the selfie phenomenon and the growing importance of self-images on social media, the pore has become the new wrinkle.

Thanks to its expertise in silanols, Exsymol has developed Adenosilane, an active ingredient composed of bio-functional Silicium and Adenosine obtained by fermentation. By acting on the pore sheath, it improves skin firmness and therefore helps to prevent pore dilation. By optimizing fibrillogenesis, it allows the reconstruction of the sheath (collagen, MMP1) and densifies the network of fibers around the pore for a better quality of this sheath (MAGP1: Microfibril Associated Glycoprotein 1). It increases the level of available energy (ATP) and allows recovery of the pore’s elasticity.

After 28 days of use, 75% of volunteers (clinical tests) have fewer visible pores and 70% observe a reduction in their size.

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